Eddie from Ohio stuff

Eddie from Ohio is one of my favorite bands. This is a collections of miscellaneous things related to them.


Videos I've shot

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 7/26/08

Love Me Like A Man (with Chris Smither)

Cry Like An Angel

Get On Your Knees And Pray (with Jake Armerding)

Baltimore (with Jake Armerding)


Shenandoah Valley Music Festival 8/30/08

Leon's Going Down

War Paint


Card for Julie

She was diagnosed with breast cancer September 2005, this is from the edhead email list

Julie's JDRF page 2006

Julie's Race For The Cure page 2006


Newsletter email archive


Web journal archive


CD covers I've made for CDs that came without covers

9eleven Relief

Booklet art

Tray card art


Booklet art

Tray card art

Recording of their show at the Birchmere 1/19/08

Booklet art

Tray card art


Wolftrap 2002 concert flyer

Day In The Woods concert flyer

efo heads!